Stephen Miller calls Biden’s U.N. address ‘a real missed opportunity’

After President Biden addressed the United Nations Tuesday, former Trump advisor Stephen Miller critiqued the speech saying the president missed the point. Miller appeared on Fox News’ America Reports the same day to call out Biden for not addressing the situation in Afghanistan.

“I think it was a real missed opportunity. The entire world was really interested in hearing what Biden’s doctrine would be, what his philosophy would be,” Miller said. “The U.N. speech stands alone in a president’s calendar of speeches for a year as the one time the whole world is listening solely to the president discuss foreign policy.”

Instead of focusing on the role America has played in worldwide calamities lately, Biden said the world is at an “inflection point.” Meanwhile, he was much more aggressive in his previous U.N. address.

“So, as you remember, in President Trump’s first U.N. address in 2017, he laid out this new doctrine to say we’re going to reject top down globalism. We’re going to reject global governance. Instead we’re going to focus on individual nation states finding common ground and working together in a bottom up way,” Miller recounted. “And that really animated the whole Trump presidency, it animated the peace deals that were reached. And it was the core of that speech. I listened to the speech today trying to hear that and I just didn’t find it.”

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While Biden had the floor for as long as he’d like, he kept his comments short. In addition, he didn’t mention Afghanistan at all.

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