Sara Carter: ‘I really don’t take pleasure watching an administration fall apart on itself’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter appeared on The Next Revolution Sunday to react to Politico’s report on Vice President Harris’ office being “rife with dissent.” Host Steve Hilton asked for Carter’s comment on the toxic work environment.

“You know, ‘West Wing’ is nothing compared to the Biden Administration and what’s happening right now with Vice President Kamala Harris,” Carter said. “Just look at the disastrous trip to Guatemala, her disastrous trip to El Paso, TX, and we know the only reason she went to the border was because she knew President Trump was heading to the border and she didn’t want to look like she had just completely failed, which she had done as border czar.”

However, Carter is actually not happy to hear the news. “You know, it’s actually very distressing, because as an American, I want to see our administration succeed,” she told Hilton. “I really don’t take pleasure, although it’s funny, in watching an administration kind of fall apart on itself.”

Instead, Carter would like to see Harris have an experience at the border similar to what she has seen as an investigative reporter. “I would have really liked to have seen Vice President Harris go to the border, listen to people, actually speak to the children, like I have, who have been, you know, crossing the border, every day 2,000 people. I would have liked for them to see the effects of this on the communities and on the people in America, and she has not done that.”

“And to top it off,” she told Hilton, “not only have they failed with the policies, they failed with communicating with the American people. They are failing internally inside the White House.”

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