By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter told the in-depth story of a sick woman she found at the border during her latest podcast episode. She first reported the story on Hannity. Now the woman’s full story is on the Sara Carter Show.

Carter interviewed a group of migrants near the Ansel Davis bridge in MacAllan, Texas. Among those she interviewed, someone told her of a woman who had collapsed up the road. So Carter went up the road to find her. When she did, the woman was very unwell.

“This woman is just bleeding profusely from her nose. And it was nonstop,” Carter said on the podcast. “She was severely dehydrated her heart rate was extraordinary.”

However, they had some trouble getting her medical attention. “Every time we dialed 911, we were getting Mexico’s 911,” Carter explained. “And they couldn’t come across the river to help.” As a result, they had to call the Border Patrol’s Emergency Medical Technicians. They took her to receive treatment, and left her two-year-old daughter with the group of migrants that continued traveling.

“But how many children? How many women like I found before have died out in the brush with no one to find them?” Carter said. “Their families never knowing where they’re at, just disappearing.”

Meanwhile, more migrants choose to make the journey across the border at the risk of their lives. “These are people that are being played as much as we are being played,” Carter said. “It isn’t like I sat around this poor woman from Honduras. She isn’t sitting around with another group of people planning to, what some people say, invade the United States or whatever. That’s not it. They’re just trying to find a better life.”

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