Sara Carter: CA Gov Newsom’s reign of failure may soon come to an end

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


Sara Carter reporting for Fox News host Sean Hannity from Alexandria, Virginia.

By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter railed against California politics Sunday, saying that many in the state are “unhappy” with Governor Gavin Newsom. Meanwhile, taxes are on the rise and an increasing number of Californians are left unemployed. Carter appeared on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton on Sunday to discuss the state’s issues.

During Carter’s visits to California to cover the ongoing border crisis, she’s spoken to locals about their political opinions. Plus, she grew up in the state and still has family there. “The fastest growing population in California is the Latino community,” Carter said. “They’re frustrated with Gavin Newsom. They’re unhappy with the way he’s running the state. Their unemployment rates are skyrocketing. Taxes are skyrocketing.”

Meanwhile, Newsom faces a recall election, which could remove him from office. According to Carter, his removal is likely.

Then, Carter shared her insight when she reported on the Pomona Valley School District in California. Her stories included gang relations among students and illiteracy rates among high school juniors.

“The foundation of our school systems, our public school systems, is rotten,” Carter said. “So, we need to empower parents. Give parents back the power to choose.”

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