Sara Carter: Americans are not as divided as some media and leftists lawmakers portray

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


Sara Carter reporting for Fox News host Sean Hannity from Alexandria, Virginia.

By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter appeared on Sean Hannity Tuesday night to ask people on the streets of Alexandria, Virginia what the American flag means to them. Even though Independence day ended, every street corner still displayed the American flag.

Hannity played clips and read tweets from Democratic leftists like Rep. Maxine Waters, squad member Rep. Cori Bush and others who trashed the American Flag, the Declaration of Independence and other American symbols during the July 4th weekend.

“You didn’t hear that kind of divisive rhetoric,” Carter told Hannity. “They steered clear of what you heard coming out of Maxine Waters and Capitol Hill.”

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Instead, the locals of Old Town associate the flag with words like “hope,” “freedom,” “safe,” “home of the brave” and “home of the free.”

However, these everyday Americans are still concerned about how divisive Congress is. “One of the things that was said by all people I interviewed was that they hoped that lawmakers would stop the rhetoric, that they would find ways to unify the nation,” Carter said. “I think that’s one of the issues that concerns Americans the most, is that we are being divided. And people want it to stop.”

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