Robert Davi says GOP can revive its ‘dead fish’ communication strategy via film

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Actor musician Robert Davi blasted the some members of the Republican party saying, “they don’t know how to communicate” to the American people and stay on message. On the latest episode of The Sara Carter Show Davi explains to Carter how he has been doing his part for the GOP between his stints in acting, on his social media and his long history of writing opinion editorials on Breitbart and other news outlets.

“I think conservatives, what we have is we have franchises, which is good,” Davi said. “But we have to widen that tent. We have to stop with the how I say they’re like dead fish. They don’t know how to communicate.”

Meanwhile, Davi is directing the film “My Son Hunter,” a biopic after President Biden’s son Hunter Biden. “We’ve got to find a way to make our message wider,” Davi said. Directing this film as a conservative is his way of getting the message out there. Plus, in his own family there have also been addiction issues, so he is sensitive to depicting it in the film.

“The story is told through an eye of a 22-year-old Asian American, left wing progressive activist, and how she changes her point of view during the course of being close to Hunter Biden,” Davi explained the synopsis. “But it’s important that we show a film that people will see and then make their decisions.”

Now, the actor-turned-director is crowd sourcing the film to rally enough funding to see it through. “So how can we tell stories?” Davi said. “How can we get involved and tell stories in a truthful way, but in an educated way, something that will maybe unite, but also shed light on things?” His answer is to fund the film via charitable donations. You can donate at

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