Rep. McCarthy says ‘If President Biden had done nothing in office, America would be stronger today’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Minority Leader in the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) appeared on Hannity to compare President Biden to former President Trump. In his words, America would be better off “if President Biden had done nothing in office.”

“If you think for one moment, if President Biden had done nothing in office, America would be stronger today,” McCarthy told Host Sean Hannity. “I sat with President Trump, who was in great spirits, but we talked about the border because he had just been down to the border.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Harris has visited on small part of the border in Texas for less than a day. “What President Biden has been doing at the border–opening up–now we’re catching people on the terrorist watch list,” McCarthy said. “Fentanyl has increased by 300%. More than a million people have come across this border illegally now in the process.”

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