Rep Biggs says trade is the solution for the border crisis as China amps up trade with Central America

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told Sara Carter that fixing the border crisis might just lead to better economy for the entire western hemisphere in an interview. Biggs joined on the latest episode of the Sara Carter Show Monday.

Border Crisis

As House Border Caucus cochair, Biggs watches the Biden administration mishandle the border crisis every day. He says the Democratic party is going about it the wrong way.

“Well, the the number one solution for every problem in the United States and in the world to a Democrat, is to throw money at it,” Biggs said. But it’s not working.

“The northern triangle states, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, they are looking for a way to overcome their own their own domestic problems,” the Arizona representative told Carter. “And one of the ways you do that is you provide opportunities to trade with with a country that that that will actually lift you through that trade.”

It’s a solution that even Guatemalan Congressman Montana told Carter in weeks ago. “Because it’s trade, not aid, we don’t want handouts,” Montano said at the time. “We want the American market to be more open towards us.” President Giammatei also asked the United States for more free trade agreements.

China in Central America

Meanwhile, China makes free trade agreements with Central America. They are giving the northern triangle states plenty of opportunity to grow.

“In our own hemisphere, China owns so much around the canal, Panama Canal,” Biggs said. “And you’ve got the northern triangle states that are being influenced with the Belt and Road Initiative.”

The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s attempt to build infrastructure for a route to connect over 60 countries in the eastern hemisphere. Biggs wants the U.S. to follow China’s footsteps and help in building bilateral relationships.

“And then it would also increase the economy of the entire hemisphere,” Biggs said.

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