Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch appeared on the Sara Carter Show to talk about the current dismal political situation. As a result, Kleefisch has recently decided to run so she can bring Wisconsin back to its roots.

Government Overreach

Abov all, Kleefisch is against government mandates of any kind. To her, a vaccine mandate is “an epic, fresh new level of government overreach, creepiness” she told host Sara Carter. “It started with the Obama administration fresh in America’s mind,” the gubernatorial candidate said.”That was the beginning of the big type of big media, big government cabal that is truly threatening our American way of life. Patriots everywhere should be very, very concerned about this.”

In 2010, Kleefisch was elected Lieutenant Governor at the hight of the Tea Party movement. As a result, much of her state underwent a red wave. The whole movement was working against big government and big tech. Nowadays, Kleefisch isn’t against the COVID vaccine, but she wants less government involvement.

“Listen, you want to get the vaccine, great for you. You want to wear masks, great for you. You want to protect yourself against co-morbidities or practice great hygiene, or do any exercise in assuring that you prevent any hospitalization for COVID, you possibly can prevent, by all means, do it,” Kleefisch said. “But government should not in between your decision about what you do with your own healthcare. a doctor’s advice about the same government has no business stepping in between those private and sacred relationships.”

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2022 Election

Now, Wisconsin’s current governor Tony Evers, is the opposite. He often takes on the roll of judge, jury and executioner in his seat as governor, according to Kleefisch. For example, when Wisconsin man Jacob Blake was shot and paralyzed by a police officer, Evers watched the footage. As a result, he sided with the protestors over the 30-second video rather than consult police officials. In the end, prosecutors did not charge the police officer.

“I plan to be the guy to relax to the great state of Wisconsin, we’re gonna change it so that once again our state is the jewel of the Midwest and is a destination,” Kleefisch said. “But under Tony Evers, we can possibly say that he has broken the state of Wisconsin, it’s not irreparably gone. There is so much good we can still do but Tony Evers is a weak and incompetent leader who has led to nothing but chaos in this state.”

Wisconsin elected Evers in 2018. He will be running for reelection.

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