Psaki says Biden flipped, now supports amnesty in Democrats’ reconciliation bill

By Jenny Goldsberry

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during a briefing Thursday that President Biden is for amnesty in the Democrats’ latest bill. This infrastructure bill cloaked in the reconciliation bill will only need 51 votes to pass.

“House Democrats say that they want to put citizenship pathway into the reconciliation package,” a reporter in the pool asked Psaki. “Is the White House supportive of that strategy?”

“Yeah,” Psaki said. “That was an easy one!”

But the president previously was against amnesty. He likely could have been convinced otherwise during a Senate Democrat Caucus lunch Wednesday. Then, Psaki tweeted that Biden wanted to help the economy “by investing in infrastructure, protecting our climate, and supporting the next generation of workers and families.”

Since the bill is coming out of the Senate Finance Committee, it is “reconciled,” meaning it won’t need a super majority to pass. If all Senate Democrats vote for it, it can pass on their votes alone.

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