Portland mayor wants to ‘unmask’ Antifa’ to ‘take our city back’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


After months of continuous violence and destruction by Antifa in the streets of Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler is finally asking for help in identifying members of the group to “take our city back.”

He called the group a “self-described anarchist mob” and needs Portland residents to help “unmask” the criminals.

“The city is beginning to recover, but self-described anarchists who engage in regular criminal destruction don’t want things to open up, to recover,” Wheeler said. “They want to prevent us from doing the work of making a better Portland for everyone. They want to burn, they want to bash.”

Wheeler extended a emergency declaration through Monday over concerns of rioting in response to the Derek Chauvin verdict.

“Together we can make a stand,” Wheeler said. “We’re doing what we can today. I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back.”

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