Polish pastor who previously threw police officers out of church now arrested for ‘illegal’ religious service

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Calgary police arrested Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Alberta, Canada’s Street Church Saturday after he allegedly hosted an illegal church service. The alleged worship service went against Ontario’s latest public health order.

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Pawlowski and brother David were charged with “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to an “illegal in-person gathering” according to a statement from Calgary police. Currently, all Ontario citizens are under a strict stay-at-home order, and the only approved religious services allow for 10 people at a time, indoors or outdoors.

“It is important to understand that law enforcement recognizes people’s desire to participate in faith-based gatherings as well as the right to protest. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, we all must comply with public health orders in order to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing,” the statement said.

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In a video that subsequently went viral, the polish pastor shouted at police officers who’d intruded his Church during a Passover celebration. He called the officers “gestapo” and “Nazis.”

His arrest was recorded and uploaded to his YouTube channel. The pastor was still defiant as he was being arrested. “Do it the Nazi style!” he told officers as they dragged him away. “Taser me! Kill me!”

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