Obama Defense Sec.: Biden Will Have to Redeploy Troops in Afghanistan

Former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta said that American forces will have to return to Afghanistan despite Biden’s insistence that he will be withdrawing all troops by August 31st.

Panetta made his comments on CNN on Friday, saying that “bottom line is that our work is not done in Afghanistan.”

“I know we’ll be removing our troops by a certain date, but the bottom line is our work is not done. We’re going to have to go after ISIS. I’m glad the president said that we’re going to hunt them down and make them pay a price for what they did in killing our warriors and we should. We’re going to have to go back in to get ISIS,” he said.

“We’re probably going to go have to go back in when al-Qaida resurrects itself as they will with this Taliban. They’ve gave safe haven to al-Qaida before. They’ll probably do it again,” Panetta said.

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