Nikkie Haley says if Trump runs for president in 2024, she won’t

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By Jenny Goldsberry

Fox News’ America Reports with Sandra Smith and John Roberts broke down the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Former Governor and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley joined their program to talk about her political future.

Host Sandra Smith asked Haley about a poll conducted at CPAC about the next presidential election. Even though Haley polls well, she says she would not run against him.

“Well, I think President Trump’s voice will be needed for a long time. He’s a valuable voice for our party. I think he will continue to lead on multiple levels,” Haley told Smith. “If the President ran, I would never run against him. I’m loyal, I support him, I always have. He’s a friend.”

In the meantime, Haley would have the GOP focus on the midterm elections. “But I think right now we have to understand that 2024 won’t matter if we don’t win 2022,” she said. “House, Senate, governors’ races have never been more important than they are right now. We need to make sure we are rallying. We need to make sure that we win these races.”

These small wins are important to the former governor because “left has swung the pendulum so far left.” She is also very unhappy with President Biden’s term so far, calling him out for seemingly supporting the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

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