Marine officer jailed over his outspoken opinion on botched Afghanistan withdrawal

After Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller openly criticized senior officers over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal in a video, it went viral. Now, his parents announced that he’s been in the brig since Monday.

“It is with a heavy heart that we, his parents, are informing you that our son, Lt. Col Stuart Scheller, has been incarcerated by the [United States Marine Corps] this morning, September 27, 2021. He was issued a Gag order which he broke this weekend by posting on social media,” his parents wrote on Instagram. “Like us, he is a Proud American that has honorably served his nation for seventeen years and was simply asking the system that he dedicated his life to, the Military, to also support him.”

As a result of his opinions on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Scheller has had a change of heart. “In thirty days, our son Lt. Col Stuart Scheller went from being an exemplary Marine, handpicked by the Corp and placed in a highly prestigious position as the Commander of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion,” his parents wrote.

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“Recently, Stu asked to resign The USMC told us, his parents, that our son serves at the pleasure of the President. They have not accepted his resignation.” Instead, they relieved him of his position.

Then, a spokesperson for Training and Education Command confirmed to Fox News that he is in custody. Now he is preparing for trial.

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