Maine considering allowing men to be housed in women’s prisons based on ‘gender identity’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.



Lawmakers in Maine are debating a bill that would allow men to be housed in prisons with women based on their “gender identity” preference, Breitbart News reports. According to Breitbart, the bill is supported by LGBT groups but opposed by conservatives and feminist groups like WoLF, the Women’s Liberation Front.

“This bill would have a disastrous impact on the safety, rights, and dignity of incarcerated women in Maine by allowing men, regardless of their history of violence against women or the threat they may pose to women, to be moved to female correctional facilities. Prisons are separated by sex for a reason — to keep women safe from male violence. Allowing men to “self-identify” into women’s prisons violates the internationally recognized rights of prisoners, exposing them to an increased risk of sexualized violence,” WoLF said in a statement.

Supporting the bill, transgender group Maine Trans Net celebrated the bill on Facebook.

“MTN’s first ever bill, LD 1044: An Act to Protect the Rights of Certain Incarcerated Individuals, was voted “Ought to Pass” by the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee this afternoon! This is a critical barrier for the bill and puts it in a strong position to become law.  LD 1044 guarantees the rights of transgender and intersex people incarcerated in Maine to have access to gender affirming housing, search practices, commissary, and language (names/pronouns),” it said online.  

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