Larry Elder mocks California lawmakers: ‘Why didn’t we think of paying shoplifters not to shoplift before?’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Conservative radio host Larry Elder blasted San Fransisco Mayor London Breed for her pilot program to pay high risk individuals to not shoot others. The Dream Keeper Fellowship will pay 10 people $300 each month for not picking up a gun. Elder is currently the Republican contender if California Governor Gavin Newsom is recalled. He appeared on Hannity Wednesday night.

“As to this business about paying criminals not to shoot each other, why didn’t we think of that before?” Elder joked with host Sean Hannity. “Why don’t we pay shoplifters not to shoplift? I mean, this is just madness.”

As a result, Elder concluded to contest Newsom during the upcoming recall election. “This is California and this is the kind of stuff that Gavin Newsom has been doing,” Elder said. “And you are quite right about him shutting down the state and denying kids in school education while his own kids were enjoying in-person private education.”

Meanwhile, 50% of third graders could not read at an age-proficient level. “And the math scores are even worse, even though we’re spending about 15 grand per student per year,” Elder said. “I will be championing choice in education, which is where the left and Gavin Newsom has absolutely gone ballistic.”

A similar program in Richmond, California saw a 70% reduction in shootings and homicides.

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