Joy-Ann Reid claims anti-vaxxers are ‘co-opting the history of actually oppressed people’

MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid called out rock and roll icon Eric Clapton Monday for his stance on anti-vaxxers. Reid mocked Clapton and anti-vaxxers for “act[ing] like their freedom has been taken from them.” Her comments come after Clapton donated a van and £1,000 to a Brititsh anti-vaccine group.

“What really stands out about white anti-vaxxers in particular is that they act like their freedom has been taken from them,” Reid said. “And they have this weird habit of trying to do that by co-opting the history of actually oppressed people.” Reid featured Clapton in a segment called “The Absolute Worst.”

On November the 5th, 2021 the founder of Jam for Freedom, Cambel McLaughin, will head to court for hosting a gathering larger than 30 people. Now, their funds are used to help pay for court fees. According to their website, funds also go to “any expenses incurred on the road as we tour non-stop in aid of liberty, mental health and medical choice.”

With Clapton’s donation, the organization has only raised £2,680.

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