Jordan: Dem’s bills to fight big tech ‘do nothing to address the censorship’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Leading up to the debate on the Democrats latest bill proposals, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on the Sara Carter Show podcast to share his thoughts on them.

Jordan told host Sara Carter he especially took issue with the Democrats weak attempt to reign in big tech.

Six bills altogether will be brought to the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, of which Jordan is a ranking member. Five of those bills center around big tech. Some of the proposals include a ban on platforms from competing against businesses that they also promote and a requirement that they sell their companies that are already competing. The bills also propose banning platforms from merging with some competitors but also requiring them to pay more when they merge with others.

But, Jordan says that’s not enough. “Those pieces of legislation purport to do what we’ve described to to help us deal with big tech, but they do nothing to address the censorship,” he said.

Instead, the Ohio representative has two solutions of his own. “One, we need to take away their liability protection, the so called section 230,” Jordan said. Section 230 is legislation that prevents big tech platforms from being sued over what their users post. “But that’s not enough,” Jordan went on. “So in addition to that, we also need to look at breaking these companies up and giving them American citizens a private right of action to sue big tech, when they when they censor you in particular.” He admitted this is very similar to the legislation Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed recently.

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Next, Jordan will get the chance to “markup” all six bills. This means they will debate, amend and rewrite the proposals Wednesday. Finally, Jordan’s committee will vote to see whether the bills will be voted on by Congress.

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