Joe Scarborough says unvaccinated teachers should ‘become a painter’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Upon President Biden releasing new rules and incentives surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, NBC host Joe Scarborough called out unvaccinated teachers. He says if they don’t get the vaccine, then they should become a painter.

“We’re going back to school,” Scarborough said Friday. “And by the way, teachers unions, you were whining. You were whining for months, ‘Oh, we can’t go back in without the vaccines.’ We got the vaccines! We’ve got the vaccines! If you want to work in public schools, get a vaccine. If you don’t, then become a painter.”

Meanwhile, New York City mandated all its teachers to get vaccinated. All municipal workers are obligated to do the same, even cops and firefighters.

“Do whatever you want to do,” the NBC host went on. “But you’re not going to stop the rest of us from sending our children to school. You’ve got the vaccines now, and guess what, a lot of you, you’re running out of excuses.”

Scarborough himself is the father of four children. His youngest is 13 years old. As a result, he has some stake in all children returning to the classroom, but to him it’s not about child care. “I remember hearing leaked sound from a teachers unions conference, I think it was, where they were saying, ‘Oh, they just want babysitters,’” Scarborough said. “No, we don’t want babysitters. We want teachers. We want classrooms. We want our children getting an education. And you are not going to be staying at home because you didn’t get a vaccine. You’re not going to continue being a teacher if you didn’t get a vaccine. You asked for it, you got it. The vaccines are there for you. Now get the vaccine and get ready for school. Make your school plans for the new year because our children need to be back in the classroom.”

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