Jesse Watters: Biden ‘wants to be loved more than respected’

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Fox News’ The Five discussed President Biden’s recent meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Fox News host Jesse Watters said the meeting was proof that Biden would rather “be loved more than respected” because Putin got off with “no consequences.”

“The way I saw it, the Russians hack and Biden invite Putin to a summit and gives him a list of things he’s not allowed to hack? You gotta be kidding me!” said Watters. “No consequences, no deal, nothing concrete.” Watters was referring to the recent cyber attack that shut down international meat suppliers only weeks ago.

Instead, Biden would go on to tell reporters: “Putin’s innocent, just some criminals in Russia did it, we will see if he can stop it, calls it a constructive summit.” Meanwhile, Facebook named Russia it’s number one global threat when it comes to influence operations on the platform. The social media giant even named Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Internet Research Agency as a top bad actor. Prigozhin has a reportedly close relationship with Putin.

When a reporter asked the president, what makes him think Putin is going to stop Russia hacks, he responded: “Because Vladimir cares about world opinion and he wouldn’t want to hurt his popularity and the rest of the world.” To Watters, that sounded all too familiar.

“I’m thinking to myself that’s actually Biden, Biden cares about what the Russians think about us, the Chinese think about it and the Europeans think so he is not America first because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy even if being the bad guy is good for America,” Watters said. “He wants to be loved more than respected and that’s the key to the Biden doctrine.”

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