Israel’s religious affairs minister says it’s a ‘mistake’ to put ‘women in combat field units’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana Yamina says he opposes integration of women into combat units. Kahana is a former fighter pilot and Sayeret Matkal fighter.

“I think the integration of women into combat field units is a mistake,” he said Sunday at B’Sheva newspaper’s Jerusalem conference. “the IDF’s role is to defeat the enemy and not to advance social agendas.”

However, he doesn’t dismiss women’s involvement entirely. “There are places where the combination is relevant and women can make a very large contribution, such as fighter pilots,” Kahana said. “But it is not similar to infantry units, where there is a huge difference in the nature of the service. Just because there could be one soldier out of 1,000 who could withstand the pressure of being a fighter in the Givati Brigade, the cost is greater than the benefit.”

In June, Israel experimented with its first all-female pilot program. They sent 15 female tank operators to the Egyptian border. But the results were inconclusive.

Since then, the second pilot program features twice as many women. Israel Defense Forces did raise the height and weight requirements for the women involved.

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