Israeli police officers kill two Palestinians in self defense

Israel Police killed two Palestinians Thursday, after the pair reportedly attacked officers with weapons. The first victim was a woman with a knife who the officers said tried to stab them. In addition, the second was a man with a gun who fired at the officers.

“This morning, around 6:30 [AM] , a Palestinian woman left the Temple Mount and approached border police stationed near the Chain Gate in the Old City. She aroused the suspicion of the police, who checked her identity,” police tweeted about the incident in Jerusalem Old City. “During the test she pulled out a knife and tried to stab them, they responded by firing and neutralized her.”

Then, police spotted a 22-year-old man digging around the Israel border wall in the Gaza strip. He had a bag with him. Next police claimed he fired at them first. They shot and killed him on the scene. Islamic Jihad militant group Hamas confirmed that he was one of their members. They claimed in a statement that he was “shot by the enemy while practicing his hobby of hunting.”

Israel has controlled the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in addition to the Old City, since 1967 Middle East war. There haven’t been troops or settlers in Gaza since 2005.

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