HUD makes it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain emergency housing

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Migrant families and unaccompanied migrant children crossing illegally from the U.S. Southern border with Mexico into Rio Grand Valley, Texas. (Photo SAC)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development made some changes this month to make emergency housing vouchers more readily available. Among them, is waiving citizen and noncitizen documentation, which will make illegal immigrants eligible for these vouchers.

General deputy assistant secretary for Public and Indian Housing Dominique Bloom wrote a letter to outline the operating requirements for the EHV program. This comes after President Biden allotted the program an additional $5 billion dollars in his American Rescue Plan.

“HUD is consequently waiving the requirement to obtain and verify SSN documentation
and documentation evidencing eligible noncitizen status before admitting the family to
the EHV program,” Bloom wrote.

Bloom claims it’s because “this documentation may not be readily on hand and may be difficult to obtain for
individuals and families experiencing homelessness.”

Instead, waiving the requirement will “assist EHV families more quickly,” and later, “provide time for the family to obtain the necessary documentation.” But, these families can receive their vouchers before they ever provide documentation.

According to reports, hundreds of thousands of migrants currently in custody are set to be released soon. Namely, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says there are migrants “in Arizona prisons in short term custody . . . And they are scheduled to be released from Arizona prison or from custody.”

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