Hannity: the greatest gift Dems could give to illegal migrants is ‘free citizenship’

Sean Hannity accused the Democrat party of trying to give migrants “free citizenship” during his show Wednesday. He discussed the ongoing border crisis with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA). First, the Louisiana senator criticized the Democrat’s messaging surrounding immigration.

“In other words,” Hannity said, to sum it up, “‘Oh, here’s the greatest thing we can give as a gift: American citizenship.’ We know they’re trying to force amnesty in the reconciliation bill in the hopes that they will vote for Democrats. ‘We will give you the greatest gift we can give you: free citizenship. We will sneak it under the radar and not even have a vote on it.’ Is that a possible motivation?”

“We just don’t know,” Kennedy responded. “But we do know one thing: there’s a solution. And it’s very simple. All the president has to do is go back to what we were doing in December, the month before he took office.”

Before President Biden took office, the U.S. functioned under the Remain in Mexico policy, was in the process of finishing the border wall, and deported more migrants.

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