Georgia AG: Lawsuit against election law is ‘blatantly political’ and ‘constitutionally wrong’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr appeared on America’s Newsroom Monday to react to the Justice Department lawsuit against his state’s election law. The Wall Street Journal published an editorial Sunday called out the Biden Justice for playing politics with the suit.

“First of all, The Wall Street Journal is spot on,” Carr told host Dana Perino. “This is just a blatantly political lawsuit. In fact, I’ve said it’s not a lawsuit, it’s a campaign flyer. The Department of Justice is simply playing politics, they are not upholding the rule of law.”

However, the suit is not just political, it’s also unconstitutional. “This blatantly political action taken by the United States Department of Justice is factually, legally, and constitutionally wrong,” Carr said. “Anybody who will actually read the Georgia law sees it strengthens security, it expands access and it improves transparency, and that’s why we will be successful defending this particular action, as we will the other seven.”

President Biden himself has called the law is a “Jim Crow” law. Vice President Harris claims that elections are “under assault” because of the new laws.

This is the eighth lawsuit filed against the Georgia law.

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