Frmr ICE Director rails against Biden admin for their ‘incompetence at the highest level’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Retired acting ICE Director Tom Homan appeared on Fox News Monday to talk about the border crisis amidst the pandemic. He called out the Biden administration for letting COVID positive migrants into the country. The situation “is simply incompetence at the highest level” according to Homan.

Currently, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement tests migrants after they encounter them and bring them into custody. As a result, COVID cases are high within their facilities.

“ICE has already had 7,500 positive COVID cases run through their system,” Homan said. “Right now as we’re speaking they have 1,200 active cases in custody.”

Meanwhile the northern border is closed, the southern border has been open to migrants. Yet it’s not a problem for only the border states. “People need to understand they’re coming to all over the country,” Homan said.

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