Football fans chant ‘f*** Joe Biden,’ until it trends on Twitter

Fans at seven different college football games chanted “f*** Joe Biden” over the weekend. Old Row Sports published videos from each of the games on Twitter. The original videos were posted on Tik Tok. As of this report, the platform has done little to nothing to censor the various videos circulating online.

First, the Indiana Hoosiers fans broke out in the chant during the game against the University of Idaho Saturday. The Hoosiers beat the Idaho Vandals that night. It was their first win of the season. Its original Tik Tok remains in its original form on the site.

Then, Auburn Tigers fans chanted the same phrase at their blowout game against the Alabama State Hornets. Now, the Tigers remain undefeated.

Next, the Mississippi State Bulldogs joined in the chant. This time, cow bells accompanied them. At the time they were playing North Carolina State in their home stadium. The Bulldogs also won that night, 24-10.

Old Row also posted videos from the University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, and the University of Tennessee.

One America News Reporter Camryn Kinsey saw the chants as frustrated voters. “The massive “F*** JOE BIDEN” chants around the nation tells you everything you need to know about those 80 million votes,” Kinsey tweeted Sunday.

As a result, “f*** Joe Biden” started trending on Twitter, too. Thousands have jumped on #FJoeBiden to share their complaints.

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