Florida Deputy Secretary of Health rails agains CDC for botching COVID data

By Jenny Goldsberry

After the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported inaccurate data for COVID-19 cases in Florida, Deputy Secretary of Health Shamarial Roberson blasted them on Fox News Thursday.

First, the CDC reported 28,317 cases of COVID-19 Sunday. But the actual number that day was 15,319. Then on Saturday Florida saw over 19,000 cases and 21,500 cases Friday.

“It is very important that data is accurate in the state of Florida. The people of Florida deserve it,” Roberson said. “We’ve been putting out accurate data since the beginning of the pandemic.”

“I really don’t have a good understanding as to what happened to cause that data display error,” Roberson admitted. However to prevent it from happening in the future, they are not also reporting historical data to the CDC so they can look back at it to ensure accuracy.

“We are committed in Florida to data accuracy,” Roberson said. She does recommend that people in Florida follow their county guidelines to stay safe.

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