Fake conservative Ana Navarro suffering from an aggressive form of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

The View Host Ana Navarro reacted Monday to former President Trump’s rally in Ohio over the weekend. She thought his remarks on election fraud sounded like “whining.”

“Look, Trump is going to be whining about the election results in his deathbed, OK?” Navarro said. “It’s never going to end.” She joined other fringe Republicans in criticizing the former president.

“But I think you see it’s very interesting what’s going on,” Navarro pointed out. “You see some people, the elected officials, people running for office who are afraid of Trump’s petty vendettas against them in a primary, cozying up to Trump. I mean, look at George P. Bush, he’s so far up Trump’s nostril that all you can see are sole of his feet.”

However, according to The View host, the opposite can allegedly be said of other Trump officials. “You know, and then you’ve got people like William Barr — even Ivanka and Jared who reportedly are distancing themselves from Trump,” Navarro said. “These are former Trump administration folks who are now trying to cleanse themselves of the stench of the corrupt four years for which they were accomplices. But for them, I just have one message: Too late, buttercup.”

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