Facebook to keep Trump off platform for two years

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


Facebook announced Friday that it will end former President Trump’s suspension on January 7, 2023, two years after his account was taken away. In addition, they announced that two years will be the maximum punishment for those public figures guilty of inciting mobs during times of civil unrest.

Trump’s Facebook account was suspended following the riots on Jan 6 At first, the social media’s Oversight Board upheld Trump’s suspension. However, they criticized its duration. The board asked that leadership, including Vice President Nick Clegg, review Trump’s suspension.

As a result, Clegg said they would change the nature of the ban. The board gave Facebook six-month-deadline to come to a decision. Facebook came to its decision after a month. Now, the Oversight Board will review the response again, and determine if it is proportional.

Now, public figures face suspension between one month and two years for violating Facebook’s policies during times of “ongoing violence” and “civil unrest.” And, should Trump violate the rules again after this suspension ends, he could still be up for permanent removal.

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