Dr. Siegel says COVID lockdowns led to more opioid overdoses

By Jenny Goldsberry

Tucker Carlson invited Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel to his show Thursday to discuss the rise of fentanyl overdoses. In 2020, 93,000 died from fentanyl overdoses, versus 72,000 the year before. That’s the most deaths this century.

“I am absolutely astounded except that I’m not surprised,” Siegel told Carlson.

Then, Siegel mapped the history of recent fentanyl presence, which starts back east. Even though there have been massive amounts of the drug found at the southern border, he says “it comes almost always from China.”

But the true cause of death, according to Siegel, is isolation. “A psychiatrist and head of The National institute of drug abuse, she said yesterday that the overdose deaths, 93,000, like you said, the most in this century by the way were caused by what she is calling isolation,” he said. “But our word for isolation is ‘lockdowns,’ where people don’t have access to their loved ones. People don’t have access to any structure or they don’t have any happiness. They are locked down. They don’t have any treatment.”

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