DOJ rules that IRS must hand over Trump’s tax returns to Congress

By Jenny Goldsberry

The U.S. Department of Justice reversed an earlier opinion Friday, ordering the Internal Revenue Service to give former President Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The Democratic-led committee requested the documents in 2019. Then, the DOJ claimed their request was based on a “disingenuous” objective. Now, the department says the committee provided “sufficient reasons.” As a result, the committee can move forward and investigate Trump’s tax information.

Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel Dawn Johnsen said she expects the committee to respect Trump’s privacy. “The respect due a co-equal branch of government requires that we presume the Committee will handle the tax information it receives with sensitivity to taxpayer privacy concerns,” Johnsen said.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) shared his reaction with CNN. “”As I have maintained for years, the Committee’s case is very strong and the law is on our side,” Neal said. “I am glad that the Department of Justice agrees and that we can move forward.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also shared her excitement for the oncoming investigation. She called the decision “a victory for the rule of law” in a tweet.

“Access to former President Trump’s tax returns is a matter of national security,” Pelosi tweeted. “The American people deserve to know the facts of his conflicts of interest and undermining of our security and democracy as president. The House will always fight to expose the truth for the people.”

Trump is did not release his tax information, as is recent precedent for presidents.

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