Dem border judge is ‘extremely disappointed’ Biden won’t visit or talk about the border

By Jenny Goldsberry

Hidalgo County Texas Judge Richard Cortez blasted President Biden for not bothering to communicate with his county over immigration issues. During this latest border crisis, the county has seen a twenty-year record high in illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Biden hasn’t visited or advised the county. As a result, the Democratic judge is “extremely disappointed” with the president.

“As you know, I, have invited the president to come here, to come and see what the federal government really has done to us,” Cortez said. However Biden has shunned even this judge in his own party by not bothering to respond. “They have over-committed their commitment that they can’t support, so we would love to see him. And I’m extremely disappointed that we’ve received absolutely zero communication with them.”

Later, a reporter verified that there has been no correspondence on the part of the Biden administration. “So you received no communication from the president ‘s office or the vice president’s office?” the reporter asked.

“That is correct,” Cortez said.

Now, Hidalgo County has been forced to host an emergency shelter for immigrants who test positive for COVID-19 to protect their residents from Biden’s border policies. “I hope it changes very quickly because I witness the problems that it’s causing to our community,” Cortez said.

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While the most current numbers aren’t publicly reported, the last report included over 4,000 active cases of COVID among migrants. Meanwhile, Border Patrol officers contract the virus from them and as many as 30 died as a result.

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