D.C. officials remove ‘Cuba Libre’ painting outside the Cuban embassy

By Jenny Goldsberry

Cuban American demonstrators painted “Cuba Libre” outside the the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. Friday. But, by Saturday the Department of Public Works erased the call to “free Cuba.”

Venezuelan ambassador to the United States for opposition leader Juan Guaidó tweeted his support of the painting. “In front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C. it reads: Cuba Libre,” he tweeted. “We stand with our Cuban brothers fighting for their liberty. We share the same fight: Liberty.”

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The department defended itself in a statement to the Washington Post. “Despite the systematic policy of confrontation and aggression of the United States government against Cuba,” the statement read, “the American diplomats who work in the US Embassy in Havana have always been safe and have never been the object of attacks, or other manifestations of hatred. The Cuban Government expects the same behavior on the US side.”

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter Plaza in the heart of D.C. remains untouched. D.C. Mayor Bowser did not respond to multiple requests from this reporter for comment.

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