Cuomo: Put unvaccinated people ‘in a car and drive them’ to ‘get that vaccine in their arms’

By Jenny Goldsberry

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new budget line of $15 million just to promote the COVID-19 vaccine to New Yorkers. In a press conference Monday, Cuomo said that “New York is pulling out all the stops to get shots in arms” and he suggested the state start to “knock on those doors” to “convince people.”

“COVID-19 exposed longstanding inequities in our society, and we’ve seen evidence of that in both the positivity rate and the vaccination rate in communities that were hardest hit by the virus,” Cuomo said. “New York is pulling out all the stops to get shots in arms, and this budget funding will help us target outreach efforts in the state’s most vulnerable communities to make sure that everyone is able to get vaccinated. We’ve made incredible progress in the fight against COVID-19, but there’s more work to do, and this will help us protect communities across the state.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo is still in the midst of a scandal for his failure to protect New York nursing homes from COVID-19. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still reviewing the situation.

New York used some of the new $15 million budget to create this ad to encourage vaccination.

But Cuomo’s suggested outreach efforts echo the statements made by President Biden. The president encouraged knocking on doors to get people vaccinated. Likewise, Cuomo suggested that officials should visit the unvaccinated at their front porch.

“And we have to get in those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, and put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission,” the Democrat mayor said.

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