Cuban exiles warn: U.S. leftists threaten freedom and work to destabilize nation

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Cuban plain clothed secret police arrest political protestor from the streets of Havana. (photo screenshot)

The beginning for the end of freedom in Cuba seemingly happened without warning to those who living on the island nation. It’s not that they didn’t see it coming. They just didn’t want to believe it.

Cuban exiles, including those in my family, remember the years leading up to the revolution. They understand that liberty is fragile because they watched it slip from their grasp and their lives were upended. They warn that in some ways, the United States is on a similar path.

Felix Rodriguez, a Cuban-American who served as a Paramilitary officer in the CIA during Castro’s revelation, told me on The Sara Carter Show that Cuba serves as a warning to all Americans and ‘we need to open our eyes to see what is happening in our own nation before it is too late.”

“For a lot of Americans very difficult to understand what it is to lose your country to communism, you can read it but you have to experience to feel what it’s like when you are taking it away from your home from your family, you are not able to return and that’s something that will stick with you for the rest of your life,” said Rodriquez. “It is true unless you experience it you can’t understand what communism really is…they confiscate everything of your property. This is what really happens when socialism takes a hold of a country.”

On April 17, 1961, Rodriguez, who was then 19-year-old Cuban-American, participated with the CIA in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion under then President John F. Kennedy. It was a tragedy for those who participated and waited on that day for U.S. backup that never arrived. The clandestine operation ended in many lives lost and many Cuban patriots who fought for freedom that fateful day ended up in Castro’s prisons.

That is why many Cuban Americans, like Rodriguez, warn that communism is a battle that all American’s should fight and an ideal that cannot be ignored. Now on the streets of Havana, Cuba protestors are being taken into custody. They will either be killed or jailed for an indefinite period of time, while others will be forced to march in support of the communist regime or face the same consequences.

This is why, Rodriguez and others warn that what happened in Cuba and other communist regimes can happen in America.

UFC wrestler Jorge Masvidal, whose father fled Cuba’s Castro regime, warned last week that some U.S. celebrities misguide American youth with lies that communist regimes provide more equitable life for their citizens. He directed his comments at Colin Kaepernick, who had in the past worn shirts lauding Fidel Castro.

Castro led a revolution based on lies and deceit, said Rodriquez. Those lies led some to follow him without question and Castro became the official leader of Cuba from 1959 up until 2008. He served as the prime minister of the country from 1959 to 1976. Then later in fraudulent elections as a pseudo president dictator from 1976 to 2008. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 didn’t end the communist dictatorship just miles from U.S. shores.

Rodriquez warned “that’s why I am so worried about this country…There is no other country like the United States.”

In the beginning Castro denied that he was a communist and the media lapped up Castro’s lies, recalled Rodriguez. With the media under Castro’s spell and espousing the same rhetoric Castro was able to target his enemies with impunity, killing those who opposed the government with firing squads.

Castro “assassinated hundreds of Cubas, in those firing squads.” Rodriguez said the horrors of the regime is what motivated him to join the operation with the United States to target the Castro regime.

“I mean if we lose the upcoming up election, our Congress I was saying, believe me, we will never see the United States of America that we have today,” Rodriguez warned, because he said he is witnessing the same shift to leftists communist ideology that he witnessed in Cuba.

He did say there is hope, recalling the current situation in Cuba is different than when communism collapsed in the Soviet Union. Many Cuban exiles during that time, particularly after Dec. 25, 1991, when the Soviet flag last flew over the Kremlin, thought the end of the Castro regime was in reach.

It wasn’t.

But this time it’s different Why? Because the people are fed up with communism and in Cuba even many in the security apparatus, military and law enforcement have had enough, said Rodriguez.

“Everybody thought Cuba ( the Castro regime) was going to fall, I didn’t happen at all,” Rodriguez said. He warned the “Cuban government’s :security apparatus of the regime is extremely strong. And they take extreme measures, they have an advantage to against all they have no ethic to operate, they could execute you, they could put you in prison without any legal order or anything…So it was very difficult. Fortunately, now we are going to see people who are finally, revolting.”

The desire for freedom is many times greater than life itself and worth fighting for, Rodriguez said.

Freedom, however, must be fought for and Rodriguez warned the United States government “and we must be willing to support those throughout the world who are fighting for it.”

“The situation is so bad in Cuba, that they’ve rather get killed than maintain their status with this regime,” he said. “I’ve seen, this is now really the beginning of the end, even though it might not happen right way. ”

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