Chicago Alderman says violence is not about the guns, ‘it’s a people problem’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Chicago Alderman Anthony Napolitano appeared on Fox News’ The Story Thursday to discuss Chicago’s rampant gun violence. While some city officials blame the lax gun laws in Illinois’ border states, Napolitano says the problem is actually inward.

“It’s not the guns,” Napolitano said, “like I keep saying to everyone it’s a people problem.”

Under the same circumstances, states like Indiana and Wisconsin don’t see near as much violence. “You take those three states alone and combine their homicides and shootings, they’re nowhere near Chicago,” Napolitano said. “61,000 people shot in the city of Chicago in the last 18 months.”

As a former police officer, Napolitano also reacted to the 560 officers quitting in 2020. He says it’s due to Chicago delegitimizing their department. “The police are afraid to act,” Napolitano said. Meanwhile, Mayor Lori Lightfoot set up a hotline to complain about officers.

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