Candace Owens: Protester who attacked Larry Elder should be charged with hate crime

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


Candace Owens appeared on Fox News Wednesday to call out a racist attack on California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. She called the moment and subsequent lack of coverage “absolutely infuriating.” Elder was walking down a street in Los Angeles when a woman in a monkey mask threw an egg at him. The entire exchange is caught on video.

“I know Larry Elder, he’s a friend and a mentor. He’s a member of the board of my foundation,” Owens said. Her foundation, BLEXIT, is the anti-Black Lives Matter, advocating for Black people leaving the movement. “If this is on the other side, if a white woman wearing a monkey mask through an egg at a black democratic candidate this would be wall-to-wall coverage. Actually this might actually constitute a hate crime in Los Angeles.”

Larry Elder is the Republican candidate in the California recall election. Californians will vote on September 14th whether to remove current Governor Gavin Newsom and replace him with Elder or leave Newsom to finish his term. Elder has drawn attention because of his policies, including eliminating the minimum wage.

“She needs to be arrested and charges need to be brought, I’m not sure why she was wearing the monkey mask, I have no idea why she was wearing it but I would like to see more information about that,” Owens said.

Now, the election is already facing calls for an audit due to a software breach. Eight election security experts demanded that California’s Secretary of State Shirley Weber immediately audit the results of the recall election.

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