California bans gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers, opting to be zero emission by 2024

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By 2024, California plans to effectively ban the sale of gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law Saturday. Portable gas-powered generators must also be zero emission by 2028 according to the new law.

The Los Angeles Times spoke to the law’s author, assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park). “It’s amazing how people react when they learn how much this equipment pollutes, and how much smog-forming and climate-changing emissions that small off-road engine equipment creates,” Berman told the Times. “This is a pretty modest approach to trying to limit the massive amounts of pollution that this equipment emits, not to mention the health impact on the workers who are using it constantly.”

Then, Berman logged onto Twitter to troll opponents to the law. “This equipment is dangerous to the workers who use it, disruptive to communities, and terribly damaging to our climate,” he tweeted. “MAGA Twitter is losing their ever-loving minds over this. I thought they’d all moved over to Parler?”

Now the state set aside $30 million to towards the transition from gas-powered equipment to zero-emission equipment. However, reporter Phil Wonton points out that it will require 30-40 batteries to get a day’s work done.

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