CA Gov Newsom Unveils Plan to Provide Universal Health Care to all Illegal Immigrants

New York Governor Kathy Hochul just proved herself to be virtually the complete antithesis of former disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo when it comes to COVID documentation and honesty. “Under pressure from Governor Kathy Hochul, hospitals in New York have disclosed that nearly half of their so-called COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized were admitted for other reasons” reports the Daily Mail UK.

On Friday, the New York hospitals revealed a whopping 42% of the COVID patients were admitted for reasons other than the virus, but coincidentally tested positive in addition. In New York City, that number is even higher, with a 51% rate.

Daily Mail reports Hochul had requested the clarified and specific data after seeing the total number of hospitalizations hold steady. Hochul was determined to investigate the issue “after noticing that the number of people hospitalized for any reason had remained roughly steady since December 21, even while the share of new admissions testing positive for COVID surged from 16 to 42 percent” reports Daily Mail.

“Of the roughly 11,500 COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized in the state, COVID was not included as one of the reasons for admission for 43 percent” the data showed. Researchers at Washington University “modelling the next stage of the pandemic expect Omicron to kill up to 99 per cent fewer people than Delta, as scientists say that the variant is less deadlier than the flu” writes Daily Mail.

At a press conference just before the weekend, Hochul said of her decision to get better information: “this has troubled me, what do those numbers actually mean? Who is being admitted for covid purposes that they’re sick enough to have to be hospitalized for covid, it’s that severe, versus people who are admitted to hospital…who are in there for other reasons?”

Patients “with” COVID were hospitalized for unrelated reasons, such as injuries in a car crash, but tested positive for the virus during routine screening upon being admitted “and were subsequently reclassified as COVID admissions” adds Daily Mail.

So although on Friday New York State saw its highest death toll from COVID for the second consecutive day since the beginning of vaccinations, things aren’t as dire.

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