Border Agents beg Biden admin to do something about immigration crisis

By Jenny Goldsberry

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise in 46 states, Sara Carter reports from Texas to show how illegal immigration is behind the increase. Migrants crossing the border following the Biden administration are released into states all over the country. Oftentimes they’re taking the virus with them.

Carter appeared on Hannity Tuesday to discuss the immigration trends in La Jolla and McAllen. “Here in the Rio Grande Valley Sector they’ve seen over 20,000 people just this past week entering through the border,” Carter said. “Many of which have never been vaccinated for COVID, come in contact with our Border Patrol agents and then are released.”

Next, Carter interviewed Chris Cabrera, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council. He says he’s seen immigration on the rise ever since President Biden took office.

“Right now what we’re seeing is the policies that were put in place by the new administration has just made it an open door into the United States,” Cabrera told Carter. “It’s not just the Central Americans or South Americans.

As a result, many migrants take on deadly risks to be among those at the open border. “We have a lot of heat casualties,” Cabrera said. “We are seeing more people coming over with COVID. We’ve had some agents just recently test positive.”

Cabrera says the solution is to revert to former President Trump’s border policies. “The only way to solve this is mandatory detention and mandatory removal,” he said.

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Meanwhile, neither President Biden or Vice President Harris have visited this section of the border. But Border Patrol continues to invite them. “They need the Biden Administration to see what is actually happening on the ground,” Carter said following her visit. “This is a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. They’re expecting more than 100,000 people to enter this border this coming month.”

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