Biden’s dog Major was trained by Secret Service to not kill kitties

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


President Joe Biden and the First Lady confirmed Friday that Major is back in the White House, after reports surfaced that the German Shepherd had been shipped off to training camp because his bite was worse than his bark.

In an interview with TODAY’s Craig Melvin, they assured the anchor that the dog was no longer an issue and invited him to meet the pooch, to which he declined. He’s ‘probably’ just right outside the room, said Jill Biden, laughing.

“He’s back,” Jill Biden assured Melvin. “He is such a sweet, lovable dog.”

The first family also announced that they plan on adopting a female cat, stating that the Secret Service trained Major to be friendly to kitties and hopefully, the rest of the White House crew as well.

“That was part of his training they took him into a shelter with cats,” said Jill Biden, as President Biden hinted that the training took several weeks.

That will make three First Pets in the White House: two dogs and a cat.


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