Biden blames border crisis on Trump administration because ‘they didn’t have a plan’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


President Biden was interviewed by Craig Melvin

After facing backlash for not addressing the border crisis in his national address, President Biden is turning the blame on the former Trump administration in an interview with TODAY saying: “They Didn’t Have Beds! They Didn’t Plan!” This comes over 100 days since Biden’s presidency began and over a month since he named Vice President Harris his border czar. Neither has visited the border during that time.

Craig Melvin interviewed Biden, and asked him about immigration, saying “Immigration was not one of the crises that demanded urgent action in January. Does it demand urgent action now?”

“It is getting urgent action now,” Biden defended. He later made excuses, saying the previous administration left the immigration department “understaffed.”

Even though illegal immigrants are being apprehended at a 20-year high, Biden said that is to be expected. According to him, immigration ebbs and flows seasonally.

“They didn’t plan for the overflow,” Biden said.

Watch the full interview here.


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