Biden Bails Out Silicon Valley Bank, and You’re Picking Up the Tab

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

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Every day, Sara sees the prices rise for basic items like milk, eggs, and even fruits and vegetables. And she knows you do too. And for families living on razor-thin margins the higher costs are very stressful. In fact, Sara remembers the day much earlier in her career when she was forced to make a very painful decision to help make ends meet.

But while we struggle with inflation and the government does little to ease the pain, the Biden administration immediately swoops in to save Silicon Valley Bank. And while Biden says the taxpayer will not bear the burden of restoring money to all the bank customers, the facts suggest otherwise. So what’s going on here and what could still happen from all of this uncertainty?

Sara welcomes former CEO Patrick Byrne to explain why this bank failed so quickly and why the damage may be far from over.

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