Americans at the border feel abandoned by Biden while COVID positivity rages among migrants

By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter was in McAllen, Texas Wednesday interviewing locals about migrants’ COVID-19 positivity rates. According to some Border Patrol officials, it’s as high as 20%. Carter reported the story on Hannity Wednesday.

One resident said the narrative from the Biden administration is that these infected migrants will be quarantined and provided with personal protective equipment. “It’s a lie, because I watched it being broken constantly,” he told Carter. He admitted that he’d only stopped by a processing facility for fifteen minutes on one occasion.

However, his observation was confirmed by Catholic Charities Director Sister Norma Pimentel. The director told CBS News that the spaces meant for quarantine are crowded. “It got to a point where that space is not even readily available,” Pimentel said.

“We have compassion,” another resident told Carter. “But at the same time, this is in our backyard. What about our children? What about our families?” Meanwhile, President Biden leaves the border wide open “exposing everyone,” she said.

Yet another resident told Carter he’d like to tell Biden: “We’re dying. Help us. You’re doing this to us.”

“Residents are frustrated, they’re angry,” Carter said. “They say they’ve been abandoned by the Biden administration.”

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) recently passed an amendment to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement more resources to be able to detain these sick migrants. Otherwise, ICE will have no other choice but to release them all over the country.

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