A nursing home in Connecticut has caused national concern after 89 residents and staff tested positive for coronavirus; 87 of the infected were fully vaccinated and 8 died. The outbreak began at the Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in North Canaan, Connecticut in late September.

The eight individuals who died had “serious underlying health issues.” 78 residents and staff have recovered since the outbreak began. “We are encouraged to see only 3 active cases of covid-19 remaining within our nursing home. Of the total 67 residents affected over the course of this outbreak, 56 are fully recovered and off isolation. Sadly, we have lost 8 individuals with serious underlying health issues to Covid” said CEO Kevin O’Connell.

Because 87 of the 89 were fully vaccinated individuals, leaders are “obviously concerned we experienced some level of waning immunity.” O’Connell said they had boosters scheduled for November 2, but the outbreak pushed it back.

“We’re following the guidance of the Department of Health…and they do not recommend providing booster to anybody with active infections for 14 days after the outbreak,” said O’Connell. Therefore no booster shots can be made available until there are no new positive cases for two full weeks.

ABC News reports:

The CDC currently recommends that all individuals, 18 and older, who live in long-term care facilities, receive a COVID-19 booster shot, given the fact that residents are likely to live closely together, and are often older adults with underlying medical conditions, which cause them to be at “increased risk of infection and severe illness from COVID-19.”

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Officials from the home said over the weekend, “We continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates for residents, staff, families and community stakeholders as the situation changes.”

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