WATCH: Rachel Maddow Frightened Due To Audit In Arizona

Rachel Maddow, the ultimate Queen of Fake News and “Russia Boogiemen” is going communist-crazy over what’s going down in Arizona.

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The authorities have finally decided to conduct a full-blown audit, and the big news Communist Lady is apparently frightened.

Of course – President Trump won and it’s obvious!

According to top Trump aide and loyalist, Peter Navarro – Rachel knows in her bones is this election was stolen. “It was stolen by Molly Balls’ team on TIME magazine…she named names, they bragged about it,” Peter said.

He went on to say, “What Rachel was doing was inoculating the left against the reality the high probability that they’re going to find of those 2.1 million ballots massive and different types of fraud.”

Watch her obviously nervous statement:

When all is about to be revealed, what would her punishment for the “little white lies” be?

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