WATCH: Former Police Officer Said Biden Is An Idiot – On The Big Screen!

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The very liberal British BBC network made a huge mistake when they invited a former US cop on their show to discuss the Derek Chauvin verdict.

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He called Joe Biden “an idiot” on live national TV!

According to Bizpacreview, “Instead of expressing agreement with the verdict, the former Tucson Police Department officer slammed the verdict, the network, and U.S. President Joe Biden. Anyone who knows former cop Brandon Tatum’s background would have seen it coming, but the BBC anchor who interviewed him clearly didn’t. He does now.”

After discussing the Chauvin verdict, he started discussing President Joe Biden – and what he said totally new off the BBC reporter – obviously he wasn’t expecting that!

“The President of the United States got out and made a fool of himself trying to promote racism in a simple police encounter that the officer got convicted on.”

That BBC anchor responded “So you reject President Biden’s comments about systemic racism and it being a stain on the whole nation?”

“President Biden is an idiot in my personal opinion, and he’s just talking because he’s a politician. I mean, if you look at Joe Biden himself, he spoke at a Ku Klux Klan member’s funeral and did the eulogy of Robert Byrd” Tatum said.


Watch the video:

And of course, the reporter didn’t know what to say!

Too bad they were LIVE!

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