WARNING: COVID-19 Vaccine Is A KILLING Machine! Dr. Judy Mikovitz!!!

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It will be censored on Twitter.

And Google will erase it from the search results!

Precisely because of that, we know that it is a target! Only the truth is censored!

Johnny Enlow shared the truth last week, and he’s dead on!

Dr. Judy Mikovitz is a physician, and she knows her job!

She raised her voice for the COVID-19 vaccines! All the people who cannot hear, THEY ARE DANGEROUS! She warned!

The perfect synonym that Mikovitz found for the vaccines is ‘’KILLING MACHINE.’’

It is something that no one should allow to be inside their bodies!

I won’t get the vaccine. What will you do?

Below is the video where Dr. Mikovitz shares her opinion and warns the population about the danger that the vaccine imposes!

You have to share the article with your family and friends, and we can save someone’s life!

If you watched the video, I have one question for you.

Do you still trust the COVID-19 vaccine?

Answer in the comments section!

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